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So today was so terrible i dont even want to tell you about the weekend i had no matter how good. But in short friday i drank and smoked till i felt/got a little bit sick and beautiful alyson drove me home at 12:30 who i am indebted to. Then i was awoken to vance at the door where we then picked up mike and sean to go down to the airport to meet jobi. After that we trekked to whyte for some shopping but mostly just pizza and coke and of course copious amounts of smoking cigarettes partaken by all except myself.

After we were done there everyone was dropped at there respective homes and told to meet later at pockets except for jobi who had other plans... so around 9 i went and picked up vance and vancey's girlfriend who seemed very nice. Where we then proceeded to pockets to meet the IB crew among my favorites were adam and lee who are always cool. Then after awhile robbie dan and matt jordan showed up followed by mr. knauer off work from canadian tire gas bar. After that Dan from sobeys came in with a whole group sadly no mason and soon thereafter was an appearance of jeff kular and such company that i had hung out with the night previous. Somewhere in there the waitress(if you can even call them that) told us some smarmy thing and i decided it was time we left because i dont like giving my business to total assholes.

Mike ordered me to come to amandas with his van full of people so i followed him where we ran into the likes of amanda, proulx, fluffy, b-rad, mike matt, steph (if thats how you spell it), and the amanda whose condo it was. After a long period of smoking on the back deck me and sean decided it was time to go and i drove fluffy home then went to timmy's with sean.

Once at timmy's we had a wonderful conversation about phoenix and weird things with the nice night shift lady at tim hortons who knows everything...then we sat down drank our coffee and discussed all our troubles which were quite numerous and decided it was time to go. So after i drove him to his house we then proceeded with our conversation turning it to things less painful such as robin williams the arrogant worms and communism vs. anarchy. Still with the overtone of plans involving paige we decided it wa time to call it a night around 4:30 and i drove home weary but feeling much better about everything.

Sunday sucked i mowed the lawn...i am deathly allergic to grass now. I went to soccer which we won of course. and came home and played with my calculus assignment. Today i woke up with the worst headache, dressed myself with much deliberation, attempted calculus on the bus again to no avail. Went to chem, understood how to do the questions but didn't actually understand why we were learning it or how it makes sense. Came home on the bus by myself still with a brutal headache. Got home played some smash brothers. Fought with stacey, didn't eat supper, nursed my even worse aching head to sleep. Woke up had stacey come over who brought kim. Sat awhile gave stacey her bio book and now type this journal with my STILL aching head.

There it is.... may none of you read it.


PS: thanks again alyson i owe you big time that ride home was priceless.
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