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I pushed the update button

Hey people.

Um so no one else ever posts anything substantial anymore except the lovely jobi which is awesome since i rarely see her. But i felt as if i should fill that empty void with a wonderful exciting post and this is the terrible experiment gone all wrong we end up with.

So i am unemployed and i sleep all day and then wake up about mid-afternoon eat supper and find something to do until atleast 5 AM often 7 and then back to sleep to do it all over again. This time lately has been filled with many things but more than a couple solid chunks could be credited to WoW, usually with the company of a stacey whose just gotten off work late and wants to play.

Other major events have included Four Swords(with brock becky and dan) quite some time ago which will be happening again this wednesday. Smoking alot with the kind and generous Ryan Otto to the extent where you think the seven eleven clerk is all knowing and we get pwned by n00bz on CS. As well there was drinking and smoking on the top of seven hills with michael knauer and many others which proved to be a longgg night. A night where we ended up at some point in lachelles(i am clueless in spelling) garage and then back to ryans for comfy futon sleep.

This past weekend seemingly far away now proved to be an interesting one with a soccer game friday night(ended us winning 8-0) followed by warcraft with stacey till 3AM where i then could not sleep until around 5. After what could be considered no more than a nap i got up at 7:30 and went to my second tournament game for 8:30(which we won 12-0). Following immediately was muggn'z breakfast for the crew before heading to riel to sit and wait for our 12:30 game. After the 12:30 game (tied 3-3) i came home napped and went out to dans birthday after failing miserably to have his present ready for him. Played about 5 hours of pool in which my top gun hat kicked masons batman hats ass, and after i paid for a table and wished dan well I was off to grelli's! Grelli's was just dandy with lee and his oh so adorable girlfriend, as well as the fun company of ryan otto and the extremely inebriated stacey along with many others which i haven't seen for a very long time. After a brief trip to nitzas and the purchasing of one pizza for myself and one for the voracious (exclamation) stacey we went back to her house to eat and eventually for me to end up putting her to bed before coming home myself.

Leaving today which has been uneventful since i got up at 3:30. Most of the day consisted of sifting through ROMS for a SNES emulator my belated present to dan. Followed by supper and watching of "My cousin Lenny" which is truly a quite hilarious movie. And inevitably followed by stacey coming over after work and playing WoW with me till 3:40 where she then proceeded to go home to sleep.

So with all that said let me say BEING UNEMPLOYED FUCKING RULES. But as well being single fucking sucks not that any sane person would be around to hang out with me at such an hour. Lifes pretty good right now and i shouldnt be complaining i suppose, just sometimes it seems like god is spitting in my face.

Sincerely. James

PS: How was that for an interesting post? Lame???? I thought so too :[
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