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The Great Return


Yes it's me, jamie, and im back. So after a week in kananaskis dirtbiking i have returned to update you on the non stop action we call my life. Okay so it's pretty dull but i'll tell you amyway.

So off i went to kananaskis in the motorhome with my dad mom and sister which on the way down broked pretty good leaving me and my dad to fix it. The good thing about this was we just happened to be stopped at a gas station where we had to fill up anyway which just happened to be across from the worlds smallest canadian tire store which just happened to of opened a half hour ago even though it was a holiday. So after an hour of fiddling we eventually got it running in a hot wired sort of way and off we went. We stopped by calgary to pick up my dads firefly amd arrived just before noon.

After this trip we set up camp and dirtbiked the first couple of days getting into some serious terrain and lost only a handful of times. Injuries so far included minor bruises a terrible gash on the right arm and a blister on the right thumbs knuckle. After this Mr. Gray arrived just to visit and brought his bike so we rode with him a couple of days at one point taking us to the meanest looking hill EVER which i attempted to climb to no avail and then proceeded to get very lost more than a couple times.

Injuries at this point include new blister on right hand palm, sore knee and elbow as well as previous. So then we moved campsites for the weekend since we werent able to stay in our currnt on as it was booked for the weekend and the Cossitts from down the street on my block were in the area so they dropped by and all had a very good time. After this the Oulettes showed up and we Went out with them on our final day of riding for a good 6 hour ride which was not hard at all since it was there first day out and the only girl i know who dirtbikes was with us.

Injuries after this point include a VERY sore knee what seems to be a sprained wrist multiple blisters and the now healing gash on my arm. The real let down of this trip was only seeing jocelyn and mark (Oulette kids) for a couple days, and as well jocelyn's friend that i talk to not being able to come down for the day which would of almost made up for me missing her birthday and not being able to buy her a drink. At any rate the fire was nice the nights were amazing the dirtbiking was fun the food was good and company enjoyable but im glad to be back in my own bed posting to all you guys who got bored about 10 lines in.

So tell me what is up since i left or call me and we'll do something.

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