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Here's to a saturday night

Hey kids whats up? I work tomorrow so i never really tried to make plans to do anything. I'm not too distraught by that fact. Its been a little while since my last post. Im still in agreement with the things i established causing less posts.

So heres my life as current. I am officialy promoted and my first shift as grocery is tomorrow at 10 AM. I'm not very stoked, im considering quitting unless i get more hours and can get sundays after 4:30 off. This of course is cause of soccer games, highlight of that, alex has joined my team of pure rawk. Team is undefeated which is quite the feat when you consider we played our last game with 3 short on the field when the other team had full field and seven subs. Kudos for that goes out to me this guy lawrence and our pure all star pierre. On other notes im trying to touch type. Im surprisingly not terrible.

What else? hmmm making plans to get out riding which means i will likely be gone for first week of august as things look right now. Also maybe third week but chances of that are like a million to one. Things arent so bad at all. Im starting to think i should meet some new people but at the same time im starting to love my friends again. School is somehow beginning to look tasty. I do not miss the classrooms or the teachers or the homework but i really do miss the consumption of knowledge. Maybe im a nerd at heart but either way school is alright and i can meet a bunch of new people and that cant be so bad can it? Speaking of which if theres any first year science text books floating around out there i think we should strike up a deal.

On the note of meeting new people i am also looking for a girlfriend. Yes thats right ME looking for a girlfriend. And after much deliberation i decided she will have to like dashboard and if she is a competent dirtbiker(dirtcycler for all those weirdos out there *_* love)then she gets like a plus a million points. But being too good gets minus half because she cant be able to show me up. Hmmm otherwise i just want to thank all of you for being cool enough to read all this writing and stuff and wish you the best! Oh yah and feel free to be impressed i typed this whole thing touch typing...anotherwards with my fingers on the right keys.

Yours truly James. Life gets an A- (room for improvement but still an excellent grade.)
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