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*gutteral sounds* Hello

Well....i don't work tomorrow and have no one to talk to so im posting an entry. I worked 8 hours today and then went to soccer, we won and i came home. I then helped vance get internet for a little while with end success and tried calling someone for something to do. This didn't work out.

I came home read some journals and some comments and decided to post. Let me just say FUCK...yes FUCK. I am not happy and i realize this. I've been pretending to myself for far too long about a couple things. And when you actually talk to someone and realize your being a giant hyppocrit and have been lieing to yourself you get the urge to jump from somewhere high. Now i sit and stew and rage but only at myself for being ignorant to blatant facts which are posted in every single thing i examine and realize failure is not an option....it is the only option. So the conclusion comes to an unsurmountable FUCK. And i retire this journal post into the binary abyss for all you to read at a later date.


PS: My tummy hurts and i'm hungry. FUCK
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