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Computers Back!

Well my computer is back.... but really its more of a tabula rosa persay. I think im gonna nick name it now so that next time it breaks i can sweet talk some sense into it. Because maybe if i had sweet talked it it might not of memory dumped me :( Ahahaha im such a nerd and i doubt you guys even get it.

Anyway....with all the returning glory of another 512 DDR Ram chip im now running a gig of Ram on this fresh slate of a hard drive which im already filling again like a madman. All my music files were lost sadly, as well as pictures, and movies, my programs, oh and of course my games. But whatever, its a fresh start and it let me focus upon beating my beloved Grand Theft Auto. As well ALYSON!!! if your reading this i went back and beat up Kratos real good(yes it can be done) and scanned him and all the other guys. So we now know that Kratos drops a Ex Gem lvl 3! and a piddly life bottle(whose getting the Ex gem has yet to be decided). Now off the topic of gaming.

Ummm so socially im pretty much a recluse without my comp and this caused much lack of social interaction. I think im pretty good with all my friends right now and im kind of still hoping for some prospects. Cool party at dustins though which would of been great but everything cant go well all the time. Other than that it was my dads birthday recently and its only a meager two daays till staceys. And since the birthday present is already bought i am clearly relieved knowing that she will absolutely love it, i hope... and therefore pretty happy she gets to turn 19.

Jobi's in town too by the sounds of it so i also hope to hear from her and if all of you would call me it looks like we might be able to gather the forces for atleast one epic adventure. I hope things are working themselves out and that applies to EVERYthing because i really think some good can come out of it all.

Umm otherwise maybe life could improve but hey chin up and we'll still be okay. Worse times have been survived by all so lets pull it together.


PS: One more thing, i demand atleast one gold star for my superior acting ability. Don't know what for? Then don't worry and simply award me the star.
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